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Bill Pay

Pay Your Bills Online FREE!

Alliance Community Bank is pleased to offer our online Bill Pay service Free of charge to our customers. Imagine the time you can save by paying your bills instantly online from the comfort of your home. No postage to pay, or checks to write and send. This is convenient and time saving secure service that you can get NOW from Alliance Community Bank.

Sign Up For Bill Pay Now

To sign up, simply go the the Bill Pay icon in Online Banking and complete the enrollment process, and we will get your Bill Pay service up and running right away.

Bill Pay FAQ

Q: How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

A: You must be enrolled in our Online Banking program to sign up for bill pay. If you are already enrolled in Online Banking, you can enroll in Bill Pay through the Online Banking program. 

Q: How long does it take to activate my Bill Pay account?

A: After you complete the enrollment process in the Online Banking program, you will immediately have access to the Bill Pay system.

Q: Is Bill Pay completely free?

A: Yes. Bill Pay is free to our customers who have enrolled in Online Banking.